Gain Control of your Legal Spend / Reduce reliance on outside counsel



Legal, Investigations, Compliance, Data Mining

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Developed for the DoD and the Air Force Research Lab Our commercial version has been custom Engineered for the legal discovery market and beyond

We solve the problem of not knowing what you have in your data and the problem of not being able to access and use all of it. We bring your data into a secure site, extract meaningful aspects for quick retrieval, then curate and combine it into different aspects of your interests. We have a simple user interface that turns your simple queries into complex code in the background. We make it simple for you to find and use your Electronically Stored Information with Semantic Search Technology. We call it ESISST.

This enhanced architecture uses AI and ML to address Legal Discovery requirements in the Enterprise Market. Its Power and Scalability supports organizations looking to Control their Legal Spend.


Power – Speed – Ease of Use


Take control of your data, Manage Risk, Reduce costs, Save time

  • Ease of coordination with outside counsel
  • Be up and running quickly

Legal Discovery/Early Case Assessment

Organizations of all sizes can use ESISST for Early Case Assessment to evaluate legal risks, develop a legal strategy, and control legal costs. Organizations are facing increasing demand from litigators and regulatory bodies for data in response to litigation and government inquiries.

Compliance/Data Privacy (PII)

There are increasing regulatory demands from government agencies for organizations to protect sensitive information. This includes private personally identifiable information like social security numbers, bank accounts, and medical data. There are also requirements for corporations to properly archive and secure key information. The challenge is finding and identifying this information when it is stored in multiple data silos. The sheer volume of data leaves organizations scrambling for solutions.


Internal Investigations

Gain insight with advanced speed and reliability.
Time is critical. Organizations must move quickly to uncover facts. They need to discover events, documents, and communications to bring quick resolution. The longer an investigation goes on, the greater the risk

Data Mining

Find the data that can transform your organization.
Inside the vast troves of data that your company maintains are insights that can make you more competitive, reduce costs, strengthen relationships with customers and protect you from legal liability. Yet how can you find them when data keeps growing?


Legal Discovery/Investigations

Gain insight with advanced speed and reliability.

Data Mining/eDiscovery

Find the data that can transform your organization.

Compliance/Data Privacy

Following policy, protecting privacy, and regulatory compliance.

Continuity of Operations

Back up your files in a secure, active, and fully indexed cloud location.